Wednesday, July 3, 2013

With every dip ... (A Poem)

My first dip when I knew hunger for the first time, and a loving breast was offered to me in solace,

My second dip when I tried to walk, and learnt how to fall and how not to,

My third dip when I knew I wasn't the only one making dips,

My fourth dip when I knew that when someone smiled it wasn't necessarily because they were happy,

My fifth dip when I knew everything is not necessarily in order and doesn't follow a pattern,

My sixth dip when I knew love,

My seventh dip when I knew what I thought was love was not,

My eighth dip when I realised that dreams come true the hard way,

My ninth dip when I knew that I could dream anyway,

With every dip into the metaphorical ocean I emerge newer cleaner, wiser....

How many more dips will it take to be a child again?

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