Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A wasted tear ... (A poem)

  I shed a tear...

For someone far in a country unknown,
For someone near and known,
For those orphaned in disasters,
For those crippled beggars,

For people who live life like a lie,
For people who suffer the truth,
For the lonely dog on the road without food,
For the lonely rich man without peace,

For those dreams that go unfulfilled,
In you and in me,
For a lifetime spent on lost causes,
For a lifetime spent in but temporal pleasures,
For a lifetime spent in spiritual deterioration,
For a lifetime spent in ignorance,

For a person I could’ve helped,
For those I couldn’t have,
For all that I could’ve done but didn’t
For all that the world can do but doesn’t

I shed a tear….
A Wasted tear….

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