Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We're Alone

The more independent we become the more we grow.. i am not talking merely to indicate material / financial independence. I am talking about independence in thought, in action, in creativity , in emotions, in feeling and in all decisions we take at every step in our daily lives. Its funny that when i read what i have just written i have the urge to say ... so whats so great? I am already independent. But true independence is the stuff that madness , genius , greatness and creativity is made of. In my opinion i would call myself truely independent and truly on the path of growth when,

.... I hear a man on the road say something unpleasant to me and it doesn't bother me (not reacting is not independence, being truly not bothered is)

....I hear a loved one reprimand me and judge me and that doesn't hurt. Instead i take it for what its worth and continue to be true to myself and who i am.

.... I push to sell only things that i truly believe in and do only that work that truly inspires and involves me.

.... I don't complain if I realise a certain weakness in me. Instead i accept it as a part of me and move on to experiment with personal change rather than tell myself that it needs to be 'corrected'.

....When even the most eccentric person on earth doesn't shock me...because of the realisation that if all of us were our instinctive selves we would be eccentric too.

....Something feels right and i have the conviction to act on it even if 100 others say its wrong and even if in the end i know i might be wrong.

....Ask for opinions only when i know i can take it with equanimity.

.....When I show true commitment only to myself.

.....When I know i can never do something to earn anyone's respect or gain 'status'. Put simply the day when I know that the only person i need respect, approval and appeciation from is me.

.... The day learn to love even people that we strongly disagree with.

..... The day i realise that while we are one and connected at one level we are also alone and independent in another.

.... the day i can never feel jealous or envious because i know there is no place i'd rather be than where i am now.

Today i promise to myself an attempt at true independence and growth.

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