Wednesday, July 3, 2013

True poetry .. (A poem)

I am here reading your thoughts,
I am in awe

So much talent, so many experiences,
I live many lives in this hour,
I wonder whether with all my senses,
As a poet, will I ever come this far?

To all the people ahead of me in life,
People who know more and say more,
Have you ever wondered whether poets and writers,
Are really just one in four?

In those millions who see the gravity and lightness,
In the myriad reality of their life experiences,
I see poetry in its truest form

In every moment of living,
In everything and in every being,
Hidden, is a poem,

And so my friend while honing the beauty in your written verse,
Do realise the beauty in people who reherse,
To express the very same thing as beautifully as you do,

Drawing from their deeper delving into life,
From all the worry laughter and strife,
That makes you and them one...

An honest voice to be heard, an honest story to be told,
Is what makes poetry worth its measure in gold!

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